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Did you ever think that one day you would eventually come to that breaking point? You know, the one that just pushes you over the edge, even though you were only looking over the rail? I have reached that point. This may seem like a pointless rant to most, but to me, it's everything. Chris has lost yet again, another job. How he manages to do this is beyond my wildest dream! He keeps talking about how he wants to get a fucking apartment and yet he keeps getting fired. How the hell does he expect us to do that, I mean seriously? It's like he has no respect for me whatsoever anymore. He seems to ignore any little task I ask him to do and does it in a complete disregard. Simple task number one....doing the little bit of laundry we have. Is it done? No. AM I washing it myself right now? Yes. Stupid...no, he has not worked in two weeks and yet he has let his laundry go for 2 weeks. He'll wash the occasional outfit for himself, but god forbid he washed MY work clothes while doing his little outfit in an entire load.

Then let's not forget the attempted cheating at hand. He thought that maybe he could try to get something on the side. I don't know what made him think he could possibly get away with it. Talking to her late at night while I was sleeping, or while he was at work. Writing her emails that bring me to tears everytime I read them. Telling her all this romantic shit he would like to do for her, and yet he hasn't done a damn romantic thing for me in ages. And the kicker of it is, he was talking to this chick like that while she was dating someone else! I mean seriously now, can we be even more stupid. I'm sure if that someone reads this, they will know who I am talking about and I don't really care if you tell him I told you, it does not matter to me at all anymore. I'im tired of being called a bitch by everyone because he won't be a man and tell them he has something to do. He would rather tell them "Dana said I can't because she says we have plans." Complete bullshit. And even when we do actually have plans, you know when he actually wanted to take me out on a date, he would end up going out with his friends or do something completely different and leaving me hanging. I wonder everyday why I decide to stick around with him. What is the purpose, I only end up getting hurt everytime. I'm getting really tired of crying when I think about our relationship. ABout how I get treated and how he doesn't really act like he wants to be around. And the funny part of it all is, no one sees how he really treats me. He acts like he loves me when people are around...kind of like a show to put on for everyone, and then they don't understand why I am so upset. "Oh, but Chris loves you so much, look what he does for you." But that's only when you are around, not when we are by ourselves.

I guess I just really needed to rant and get this all off of my chest. I'm just really tired of having people look at me as the bad guy, when in fact, I am just getting the shit end of the stick.
Since I can't leave the subject blank...
Current mood: depressed

My grandfather passed away on friday evening. It hasn't really sunken in yet, part of me expects him to just walk through the door and want his cup of coffee and a ham sandwich. That he'll be sitting in his chair and call out my name just to ask me that question that he had asked me a million times before. It was hard watching his health fall the way it did. I couldn't do anything to help him though. Not remembering the thing I had just told him, not remembering what he wanted to ask when he could actually get himself out of the chair, and just sitting there. Part of me wants to know why he is gone and why it had to be now. He promised to walk me down the aisle since my own father wasn't here, and now I have no one. I feel like inside, I am slowly pulling apart and tearing into little shreds. I want to be strong, but it's too hard. I really don't know what I am going to do.

The worst part is that I feel responsible. He said he was going to his meeting place (which is usually the front porch) but he never walked back into the house. He walked down to the other street and had a stroke, fell and that was the last time he was anywhere near the house. If I had just walked outside to see if he was there, or looked out the dinig room window to even see him start to walk away, he would still be here. But no, I didn't notice until 10 minutes later that he was not in the house, that he never walked back in, and for that I will never forgive myself.

He was getting so much better too. Breathing on his own 60% of the time, opening his eyes and looking in the direction of anyone who was talking to him, even squeezing my grandma's hand, and now, nothing. It all happened so suddenly.

Well I guess I'll stop writing, too many tears that I can hardly see the screen anymore.

so royally screwed...

During last semester of school I had to stop attending like near the end because of my grandfathers health (he's really hard to take care of) and I notified my teachers, well apparently they didn't care so they withdrew me as failing because of it and now I owe my school $900 because they took away the financial aid for that semester. SO now I am screwed because I do not have the $900 and it is due by July 8, and there is no way I would be able to pay it back by then, so I am going to have to talk to my grandma about how I failed and see if she can help me without letting my mom know (who would fly off her rocker if she knewq, when she wants to act like she cares, when we all know that she doesn't). Ugh, I really need to find a full time job so that way I do not need to rely on my moms insurance so that way I do not have to stay in school until I feel I am ready to go back, if I go back next semester as a full time student I will seriously be dropped from financial aid and then I don't know what I would do.
Sometimes I wonder if life is even worth living, the pain, the disappointment, none of it really seems worth it to stick around for people who don't really care you know? Nothing ever seems to go right and I'm always the one to blame for it all. I don't know what I want to do with my life anymore, and that is a realy problem, all these years I knew I want to be a teacher and now I no longer have that urge to do so. And I'm supposed to be the big "achiever" of the family, but that is slowly sinking and I am getting less respect for that too. I failed 2 classes last semester because I just didn't care. Maybe the "school" thing isn't really for me. With everything else going on around me, I'm not the "school" person I thought I would be, I'm going to attempt it one more semester and if it doesn't work I don't think I'm going back, not until I figure out what I want to do with my life, until I figure out everything, the relationships with the people that are supposed to "love" me (which seems to be fewer and fewer by the second) and everything else that falls in line.

I know I haven't updated in awhile and it's just been one big mess, I'm going to try, but don't hate me if I disappear for awhile alright.

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haha, I love my msuci Icon!

Hanson wedding in 2006

Hanson Wedding in 2006

Hanson's youngest member Zac Hanson announced his upcoming nuptials during an interview for a South American television program. The nineteen year old drummer, who provided the backbeat for 1997's catchiest tune-- "MMMBop," will wed girlfriend Kathryn Tucker in June 2006.


you can go to the site to see for yourself if you don't believe me.


What is with them and getting married in June? Is he stealing Taylor's sunshine for the month of june?

Graves and Break ins

A lot of strange things have been going on lately. Yesterday I was driving down Old Winter Garden road and was coming up to Woodlawn Cemetary (where my Aunt Joyce is buried). Something told me to go in and find her grave, so that's what I did. I remembered that she was somewhere far away from the middle building, so I was driving on the outskirts and couldn't find her for the longest. Just when I felt like about leaving, i decided to give it one more go around. I finally found it and just started crying (worse than I already was driving in there). It just felt so weird to go there and see her grave, I just couldn't help myself. I'm planning on going back today to clean it up a bit and maybe plant some flowers or something, it just looks so empty.

Then today I get home from school and see my grandma outside with the vacuum. I ask her if she was cleaning or the vacuum broke (legit questions) and she was like "no, someone broke the drivers window on my car" and I was like "what!!!!". Apparently someone was trying to get something out of the car. What, I don't know cause she doesn't keep shit in the car to begin with, so they must have really wanted the mouthwash she keeps in her car or something cause there is nothing in her car. They called the police and everything and they dusted for fingerprints but I don't think it's going to go anywhere cause in my neighborhood, nothing goes anywhere. There are too many people out and about (or kids that SHOULD be in school) that it would be hard to pin point it to one person you know.

Anyways, I'm going to go, with my small update and such, should update more late, I just have a few things to do now. SO I'll write more later.

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Okay I am sorry, this is just too funny, Rox being the drunken old pirate, how did we NOT see this coming...though I think it's kind of funny to think about Michelle cooking..no offence, you know I love you

Aug. 25th, 2005

Sometimes I wonder if I were to just disappear from earth, would anyone miss me, let alone even realize that I was gone? Sometimes it gets hard to believe that anyone would. It seems that no matter how hard I try for anything, I get the shitty end of it all and I get all the names and the second hand crap. I'm sorry I wasn't born male and that I can't be what you want me to be. Sometimes just staring at all the meds I take makes me wonder if it is even worth trying to live when I need all these artificial things to keep me here alive. If I were meant to live, then why would I need all these things to keep me alive. Sometimes it's hard to get people to understand that it's not polite to stare when you see someone taking more than one pill, I'm not a pillpusher, I'm just seriously sick. I hate when people watch me take a shot, I'm not shooting up, I'm trying not to die. But even when they are trying not to look, I can see them looking out the corner of their eyes and all their little snickers that that make towards me.

Then of course, there can't be one day without someone who is supposed to care for me calling me a bitch. I have done nothing to anyone and yet I am continued to be called such horrific names as if it is supposed to make them feel more superior over me. When deep down, it makes me feel as if they are better than myself. I sometimes wonder if I was meant to be at the bottom and take everyone shit from them and not say anything about it. If I say something then worse names are used against me and make me feel more like shit. Sometimes I wish I could just move and get away from all of this, start over with a new life. One where I am not tormented for shit I didn't even do and no one knows anything about me so they can't judge me based on what they have heard from others words. But I know that can never be.

I wish he wouldn't go...

I guess I am about to sound really selfish about what I am about to say, but then again no one really cares anyways. Tomorrow is my cousin's 21st birthday party and it's a guys night out. From what they were talking about, they were going to go to Pleasure Island at downtown disney, well I heard from my mom that they are going to a various number of strip clubs and part of me (a big part of me) doesn't want Chris going. I can't stop him though. And if I tell him I don't want him to go, I know he won't, but then I will be called a bitch again because everyone seems to think that I stop Chris from doing things when it isn't the case. I just never thought that Chris would enjoy going to places like those, he knows what they are all about, his cousin has women who work at those kind of places. And when I told him that they would be going to strip clubs tomorrow night, it seems like it didnt even faze him in the slightest bit. Part of me feels hurt that he would even want to go to them to begin with, but I guess that's just my insecure side. People will tell me "oh, well he's dating you" or "he's with you, not them" but it's not the same. I don't know, I think I am just making a big deal out of nothing, but to me it's still something. And I guess even while I am out with Amy, part of me is going to be regretting the fact that he went to them and had himself a good time.

I guess I just need someone to tell me I am over-reacting to the whole situation and or just me a bitch and get it over with.